Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully.

RESERVATIONS: We recommend that all our customers reserve a car ahead of time (at no additional charge) to guarantee a vehicle at the time of pick-up. If any reservations are made online less than 12 hours before the arranged pick-up time, the customer is responsible for contacting Black Diamond Luxury Limo to check availability. Please note, that we cannot guarantee your availability when you call or book a trip made with a short time notice. If you are a regular customer and have not made any reservations with us in more than 6 months, please verify whether your rate reflects up to date. Please be aware that if you are a customer, regardless of whether you are an existing or new customer, we do not hold responsibility for providing rates if the customer did not request it when booking any type of transportation service.

CONFIRMATIONS: It is the customer’s responsibility to double-check everything they filled out on the reservation form and to double-check all the reservation details sent to their email if the reservation was taken over the phone. If you identify any errors, typos, or mistakes, e.g., incorrect dates, times, or addresses, whether it is on the form or in the confirmation email, it is your responsibility to let our office know, so we can fix it and resend you the new confirmation. Failure to do so can result in a no-show, no guaranteed car availability and full charge billed to the customer. If for any reason you did not receive any confirmation emails from us, please contact us immediately to avoid no-shows or a full charge.

CANCELLATIONS:  While we understand that circumstances may arise, we kindly ask you to inform us of any changes in your schedule as soon as possible so we can avoid unnecessary aggravations. We cannot refund payments if cancellations occur within less than 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time regardless of any last-minute pickup or destination changes, change of plans or flight delays. If the customer requests to cancel a transportation service with us in less than 24 hours due to a cancelled flight, then we allow the customer to reschedule the trip to a different date without any additional fees. However, if the customer decides to cancel without a reschedule, a non-refundable full charge will be applied. For hourly reservations, and far-distance trips e.g., Canadian trips, beyond a 50-mile radius from Seattle, WA,
we strictly require a 48-hour cancellation notice to avoid full charge. Please keep in mind that these cancellation policies apply to sedans and SUVs only. Cancellations are accepted by email and by phone.

HOURLY RESERVATIONS: If you booked an hourly trip for one or multiple days and any cancellation occurs in less than 48 hours, full charge will be applied for the entire hourly trip regardless of any last-minute pickup or destination changes or change of plans. The same cancellation policy applies to customers cancelling or cutting the number of hours for an hourly reservation during an occurring trip.

NO SHOWS We do not accept landline phone numbers, only mobile phone numbers. The customer has to make sure to provide an appropriate and reachable contact number so we can communicate with the customer when needed. If you do not see our driver at the pre-arranged pick-up location, please do not leave and immediately all our dispatch office. If Black Diamond Luxury Limo is unable to contact the passenger or related contact person after 30 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time, by means of the
information provided on the reservation, then the ride will be considered a no-show and will be abandoned. Not being present at the pick-up location without notifying Black Diamond Luxury Limo may result in a no-show charge (full amount).

FROM THE AIRPORT: After landing, please go downstairs to the baggage claim area as soon as possible. It is imperative for you to have your phone turned ON, which ensures contact with us. Once you have collected your checked luggage and are out on the curb call the dispatch office. Please note, that our average wait time for domestic flights is up to 30 minutes maximum and 60 minutes maximum for international flights. The first 30 minutes at the airport (for domestic flights) and at the border are included in the rate. An additional wait time fee of $39 for a sedan and $54 for an SUV for every half hour will apply if the driver must wait longer than the indicated times. If applicable to your situation, you will be notified by the office of any additional fees prior to your card being charged. Please notify us if you are experiencing delays coming out of the airport. If you authorize the wait time, the driver will wait up to 2 hours maximum at a cost of $78 per hour for the sedan and $108 per hour for the SUV. However, we cannot guarantee overtime will be available. If we are not able to reach you and have not had any contact with you via phone or email, it will be considered a no-show which is equal to the cost of the trip plus wait time!

FROM THE PIERS: Please call us at 206-787-0201, once you are out on the curb, to let us know what section you are in (there are 4 sections). Pre-booked pick-up times from the piers must be adjusted prior to pick-up day. Customers need to tell us the pre-arranged pick-up time when they’re ready after customs, NOT when the ship arrives. We only give them 10 minutes of complimentary wait time, so it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange an appropriate pickup time when they know they will be ready at the pier. Usually, customers schedule a pick-up time an hour after the ship’s arrival. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH THE REGULATIONS AND PIER EMPLOYERS HAVE THE CONTROL TO REGULATE TRAFFIC AND SITUATIONS AROUND THE PIER, SO DURING BUSY SEASONS DRIVERS THERE MAY EXPERIENCE HEAVIER TRAFFIC TO GET TO THE CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY.

CANCELLATION OF CHARTERED SERVICE:  A minimum of 14-day notice is required for cancellation of all charter arrangements (e.g., weddings, wine tours, point-to-point reservations, and proms) to avoid the charge of the full fare. A deposit of 20% of the total amount is required at the time of booking to guarantee your reservation and it is non-

PAYMENT METHODSAll reservations require a credit card to place your reservation(s) on hold in order to guarantee and reserve a car for you. All payments are made the day of or the day before the reservation.

PAYMENT POLICY FROM PIERS: All customers who reserve a car to go to and from the piers (Pier 66 or Pier 91) are charged round trip on the same day.

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: For every reserved car we require a specific amount and dimensions of each luggage for our driver to safely and appropriately place everything in the trunk of each vehicle. If the customer selects a number of bags beyond the accepted amount and/or standard measurements, the reservation will be
automatically upgraded to a larger vehicle than initially requested to accommodate all passengers’ needs. Additionally, if the customer selects a number of bags and does not notify our office or drivers about any oversized bags, such as golf clubs, moving boxes, bike boxes, skies, snowboard sets and such and does not upgrade to a larger vehicle, the driver has the full right to decline service as he or she will not be able to physically place all the items inside the trunk of the initially selected vehicle. Items that
are irregular in size have to be notified by our office, so we can prepare ahead of time and send an appropriate vehicle for the customer’s reservation. Also, for safety and security reasons, please be aware we do not allow any luggage or roller bags to be placed inside the car except laptop bags, purses and backpacks. Under no circumstance will a suitcase with wheels or an oversized item be placed on a seated surface. Please note, according to our policy, if the driver is not able to fit all the luggage inside the trunk, he has the full right to decline service and the reservation will result in a full charge.

HOURLY RATES: We require a minimum of 3 hours for the sedans and 4 hours for the SUVs for any hourly reservations. If the customer booked an hourly trip for 3 hours (sedan) but finished the service in less than 3 hours, the charge will be applied to the 3-hour minimum rate. If the customer scheduled a round trip and needs to be picked up in less than 3 hours (sedan) or 4 hours (SUV) for their return, the reservation will be considered an hourly reservation only. Anything outside of the Seattle area (max. 20 miles) will count as a point-to-point transfer. If the passenger requested an hourly trip starting at the airport, we start the hourly rate after the flight’s arrival. Our drivers track the flight for each customer, so even if the flight arrives earlier or later, we only start counting the hourly rate after the flight lands.

LATE NIGHT SURCHARGE POLICY: Anyone who requests reservations between 10:30 pm and 3:59 am is subject to our $10.00 late-night surcharge.

HOLIDAY SURCHARGE: An additional $30 fee will be charged to all trips occurring on:

 New Year’s Eve
 New Year’s Day
 Memorial Day
 Labor Day
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Day
 Fourth of July
 Thanksgiving

SEVERE WEATHER SURCHARGE: There may be circumstances when the weather can be unpredictable. On such days there will be a weather fee of $50 for a sedan and $95 for the SUV. There also may be requirements for us to upgrade the vehicle from a sedan to an SUV, resulting in a different fare rate in addition to charging the weather
fee if we are facing a challenging weather conditions.

WAIT TIME: A 30-minute for domestic (60-minute international) grace period is allowed following the reported flight arrival time for curbside and inside pick-ups when meet &; greet service is requested. A 10-minute grace period is granted for all other pick-ups. After the 10-minute increments, a waiting time fee will be charged for all vehicles. The same rule applies if the driver must wait longer than 30/60 minutes at the airport. For train station pick-ups, train schedules can’t be monitored. Therefore, billing begins at the
scheduled pick-up time.

EXTRA STOPS: For any extra stops that are requested by the customer, Black Diamond Luxury Limo charges a minimum of $10 for the additional service for the sedan and $20 for the SUV. Courtesy stops, such as briefly leaving the vehicle to use the restroom do not incur extra charges. However, if longer stops or multiple stops are made, you will be billed for the stop charges. Picking up additional passengers will also incur stop charges.

 If you request a car seat (front-facing/rear-facing or booster seats), there will be an additional $10 charge per car seat
 Any transportation services required to cross a toll bridge will be automatically added to the customer’s invoice.